Take control of your blog content and calendar with this planner worksheet!

Editorial calendars are one of the most under utilized tools in a business owners tool box. As a content creator you need to have constant control over the copy you are writing and producing. 

Stop scrambling last minute to get a blog post together or schedule your social media content. When was the last time you pre-planned and pre-wrote your subscriber newsletters? Now is the time to get control over your editorial calendar!

Start planning your editorial calendar today!

Alexis Mathews

As a marketer, Alexis works with online entrepreneurs to connect their product or service with the target market. Content planning is just one of the ways she helps businesses grow and become profitable.

As a blogger turned marketing expert and business coach, Alexis brings years of knowledge and experience working with brands of all shapes and sizes. Her passion is to help small businesses grow, succeed, and connect with their target audience.